Will The Kings Sweep The Devils?

LA is up 2 games to 0 in this series after winning both of their road games to open the Stanley Cup Finals.  That makes it 4 series in a row where the LA Kings won the first two games of the series on the road.  In fact they are 10-0 on the road in these playoffs after those overtime victories in New Jersey.  Now the question is whether or not the Kings will be able to win a couple of games at home and sweep the Devils to win the Stanley Cup in dominant style and become the lowest seed to ever win the Cup.

The Kings have gone up 3-0 in all 3 of their previous series’ in these Stanley Cup Playoffs and have swept 1 of those series, while winning the other two on the road in 5 games.  That being said the Devils have been a big comeback team in these playoffs and have a decent 6-4 road record themselves.  The Devils have been behind in every series they have participated in in these 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs and they find themselves with their backs against the wall again.

If you’ve watched the games you would have to agree that the Kings have not dominated the Devils like they did the Canucks, Blues and Coyotes in the Western Conference Playoffs.  Both games went to overtime and like most OT games they could have gone either way.  Now the Kings are back at home where they are only 4-2 in these playoffs.

Stanley Cup Finals

Based on the first two games of the series I don’t expect the Kings to win both of their home games.  However, in order for the Devils to get a win they will need to get more than 1 goal past Jonathan Quick per game, which will not be an easy task.  Volchenkov’s goal in game 1 was a complete fluke off of a Kings defender, while the Carter goal was a nice tip after the puck was thrown on net.  These goals show that the Devils need to continue shooting and getting players to the front of the net to hope for the best.  Quick is the best goalie in the world right now and he will be very hard to beat with a pretty goal.

The Devils have been here before and they believe in themselves after two games.  They know what it’s going to take to defeat this amazing Kings team and they will at least get 1 win on the board in LA.  I personally think the Kings will win this series in 5 games, while breaking the Devils record for most road wins in the playoffs and setting an impossible to break bar of 11-0 on the road in the playoffs.  This Kings team has done something special in these playoffs and I think it will be even more special if they win on the road than if they take this series down with a sweep at home.

Look for the Kings to win this series, but the Devils to avoid the sweep.

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Written by: Niko de Jonge

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