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NHL Playoff Picture Predictions with 25 Games To Go

The playoff races in the NHL are heating up.  Some teams have virtually guaranteed themselves a spot, while others are basically out of it and will be selling their players at the deadline (Feb. 27).  In this post I’m making predictions on where teams will end up in each conferences playoff positions and what match ups we can then expect in the first round.  I might as well include points in these predictions too, just for fun!

Eastern Conference

  1. New York Rangers – 112 points
  2. Boston Bruins – 106 points
  3. Florida Panthers – 94 points
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins – 102 points
  5. New Jersey Devils – 102 points
  6. Philadelphia Flyers – 100 points
  7. Washington Capitals – 94 points
  8. Ottawa Senators – 93 points

You may notice that the main change in the standings I expect is for the Capitals to pass both Ontari...

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