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NHL Division Winner Betting Prediction at Christmas


It’s just about Christmas time and that means that around 35 games have been played by each NHL team.  This is a large enough sample size to have a good picture of each team in the NHL and their abilities moving forward in the season.  Yes, some teams will have overachieved to this point, while others have the potential to improve, but by this point you should be able to figure out which team is which and make a more educated prediction for which team will win each division.

Speaking of the divisions, this year there are only four divisions, down from 6 last year.  There are 8 teams per division in the East and 6 teams per division in the West...

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Why Do NHL Fans Bet On Proline?

ProlineIt amazes me every time I look at the PROLINE odds when I’m at my local convenient store.  As you may know, I am an avid online sports bettor and actually have an NHL betting tips website where I post my predictions daily.  So when I see how horrible the odds are at PROLINE it really starts to make me angry as I think of all the suckers out there that the Ontario government is basically taking advantage of.

For those of you who don’t know, PROLINE is a betting game run by the Ontario provincial government.  It actually classified a “sports lottery” and bettors are only able to make parlay bets of between 3 and 6 selections.  I assume this it to make it more lottery-esque, but also to give the appearance of the possibility of big wins.

Anyways, when I was writing my predictions for my N...

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Underrated and Overrated NHL Teams

If you read this blog often then you probably know I’m an avid NHL bettor who does fairly well (I’ve been on a cold streak lately, but still up on the season).  One of the best ways to make money betting on NHL games is to wager on teams that are underrated in the eyes of the public and the bookmakers.  If you followed my NHL betting site you would notice I wager on the same teams very often and against the same teams very often.  That’s because my views of NHL teams differ from the publics views and if my views are more correct then I will be winning more money than I lose online.  Here are a few teams that I find underrated or overrated at the moment.

Senators, Avalanche, Jets

Underrated – Ottawa Senators

The Senators were ranked 30th on almost every power ranking that you could find prior to the season...

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