Playoffs: Rapping up the first round

After the first round there is not that much that can be said. How big of an upset was Anaheim beating San Jose? We all knew it could happen, we were just hoping for the Sharks to pull through this time. Atleast I was (My pools are in trouble). Washington had a scare, but most of us figured they would get through the first round.  Philly looked like they were going to turn the series around, but Crosby and Malkin weren’t going to let that happen. Without Reghyr, Chicago’s speedy forwards didn’t have to worry about being punished. As for Detroit, Vancouver, and Boston… well lets just say the series went the way everyone thought they would.  The only real catcher was the Carolina-New Jersey series. How amazing was that? One goal games back and forth (excluding game six).

The Sharks struck out bigtime again. How long is GM Doug Wilson going to let this happen? ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Who’s to go? Is it Thorton or Marleau.. or is one player just not the answer. The sharks have a solid foundation. There’s no need to restructure. I think it’s time Nabakov is given the boot. He’s been riding win after win playing infront of an amazing Sharks team. While him and Toskala were playing together the Sharks finished with 107 points. Any goalie playing infront of that team could get the credit that nabakov has. I think its time for the sharks to either trade for a true winner between the pipes, or draft a solid keeper. This way they will have a good shot at the cup in a couple of years. But now that theyre out of the playoffs, a minus on the scoreboard won’t look so bad.

As Pierre McGuire would say .. Staal, Whitney, and especially Cam Ward were MONSTERS in this series. Carolina looked like the old stanley cup champs in game 7. As me and my buddies were watching (just after exams so we were loaded) … we knew that the game wasn’t just over yet. In the last 5 minutes Carolina just kept pushing and pushing. Finally Jussi Jokinen (who is not just a shootout specialist anymore) came through in the clutch scoring a goal on a beautiful pass from Pitkanen to tie it up.  A minute later Staal put the icing on the series with a pretty weak goal.  But you can’t blame Brodeur.. He was phenomenal. I remember counting the shots from games 4-5-6.. it was 127!! Thats averaging over 42 shots per game.. which is just nuts. Brodeur was pooped. If you looked and Lundqvist in the NYR he was tired and didn’t even have close to that many shots. Carolina was just to strong and Paul Maurice had a good strategy in place.. GET PUCKS TO THE NET.  Well it worked.

Anyways its 340 in the morning and ive had a couple too many sodas…  So have a good night  ladies n gents


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  • Niko  says:

    LOL, as Pierre McGuire would say…..Seabrook is on the Canadian National Team Radar….Seabrook is making a case for himself for the Olympics….Seabrook is a god.

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