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Einzers predictions for Round 2

On Thursday the beginning of Round 2 of the Stanley cup playoffs is starting. Some pretty interesting matchups. Ofcourse all eyes are going to be on the Pit/Wsh series. Its the Crosby vs Ovechkin show. I should probably include Malkin, but I’m not going to. Why? It doesn’t seem to matter how much he does he does not get the respect and attention Crosby does. Kinda odd, but oh well.

Anyways here’s my predictions for the first round:

Detroit(2) vs Anaheim(8)

Alright, now this is going to be my upset for this round. Everyone is counting Anaheim out, so I’m going to take the underdog. Anaheims top line looked incredible against the sharks. Ryan, Perry, and Getzlaf do so many things right at both ends of the ice...

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Playoffs: Rapping up the first round

After the first round there is not that much that can be said. How big of an upset was Anaheim beating San Jose? We all knew it could happen, we were just hoping for the Sharks to pull through this time. Atleast I was (My pools are in trouble). Washington had a scare, but most of us figured they would get through the first round.  Philly looked like they were going to turn the series around, but Crosby and Malkin weren’t going to let that happen. Without Reghyr, Chicago’s speedy forwards didn’t have to worry about being punished. As for Detroit, Vancouver, and Boston… well lets just say the series went the way everyone thought they would.  The only real catcher was the Carolina-New Jersey series. How amazing was that? One goal games back and forth (excluding game six).

The Sharks struc...

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