Connor McDavid vs Sidney Crosby – Who Will Have Better Career?

McDavid Junior Stats

At lot of people are saying that Connor McDavid is a generational talent coming out of this years draft.  They are saying he’s the best player since Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux, which is definitely big praise for McDavid, but I think it could be considered big praise for Crosby as well.

In this post I’m going to compare the two players junior careers and then take a look at which player I think will end up having the better career.

Sidney Crosby only played 2 years in junior with the Rimouski Oceanic before jumping up to the NHL.  McDavid was able to have 3 years in the OHL because he received exceptional player status.  Crosby would have received exceptional player status, but that rule didn’t come into effect until John Tavares was drafted as an underage player in 2005.

Junior Stat...

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Will the Ducks or Blackhawks win the Western Finals?

Ducks vs Blackhawks

The Blackhawks and Ducks each blew through their second round match-up to set up a very intriguing Western Conference Finals between the top point getter in the Western Conference and a team that has won the Stanley Cup in 2 of the past 4 seasons.

Which team is the favourite?  Well according to the oddsmakers their isn’t one.

Online sportsbook has the two teams as a dead heat with both coming in at odds of -110 to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Now, everyone will have their opinion on this series and who the real favourite is, and I am no different.  I actually think there is a ton of value here and am very surprised to see that one team is not a significant favourite.

My Pick

I like the Blackhawks in this series...

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Does Buying NHL Picks Work?

Niko de Jonge_num1 Mascot_commish_3_2014_complete_ver2

I’ve recently launched an paid service selling NHL betting picks through another website of mine  If you’re interested in buying my picks click here.

In doing research on how to best launch this service I investigated a lot of other NHL picks services and sports betting picks sellers in general.  I learned a lot of what to do and maybe more importantly what not to do as a picks seller.

Does Buying Picks Work?

The simple answer to this question is Yes and No.  It really depends on which NHL picks service you subscribe to.  There are some great, honest handicappers out there, but for every honest handicapper there is also a losing bettor simply using online marketing skills to sell his product rather than actually picking winners.

You can make money by buying picks on...

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Is Voracek a Threat for the Scoring Title?

Voracek Scores

As of today Jakub Voracek currently holds a 3 point lead over both Tyler Seguin and Sidney Crosby for the NHL scoring lead.  Voracek sits with 29 points, while Seguin and Crosby each have 26 points and they’re followed by Stamkos and Giroux who have 24 points each respectively.  The Flyers and Penguins have each played 19 games, while the Stars have played 21 and the Lightning 22.

Let’s look at this from another perspective.  According to Yahoo Draft  Analysis for the NHL this season Voracek was going as the 93rd pick on average this season.  The other players in this top 5 were expected to do well as their draft rankings indicate: Crosby (1st), Seguin (14th), Stamkos (2nd) and Giroux (9th)...

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2014-15 NHL Player Awards Predictions with Odds


The preseason is underway so we can really start speculating about what will happen during the season.  A lot of the predictions and projections center around different teams and how they will do this season.  You can place bets on whether teams will make the playoffs, win their division, win the Stanley Cup and even over/unders on the amount of points they will get this season.  There aren’t as many futures bets being offered on individual players and how they will perform this season.

Well not so fast.  Online sportsbook has just released odds for all of the major individual awards.  This includes the Hart, Art Ross, Rocket Richard, Norris and more.  In this article I will look at their odds for each of these awards and give my pick for the best value bet.

To see all of th...

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My 2014-15 Ottawa Senators Expectations

Ottawa Senators

The Sens are already being overlooked this season, as their being portrayed as a near-basement team in the Eastern Conference with no hope to make the playoffs.  This is strange to me because it really means that the experts and the oddsmakers think that the Spezza was a huge positive part of this team and losing him will result in the team performing very badly this season.  I don’t share this thought and when I see that the Sens had 88 points last season playing as poorly as they did for large parts of the season I have hope heading into this season.

Online sportsbook has the Sens with an over/under of 80.5 points for the season.  I’ve already placed a big bet on the over and am very confident that I will be in for a big payday once the season is complete...

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An Intro To Betting on Hockey Online

NHL Logo

The NHL season is just over a month away and in this lull I felt it was a good time to post a beginners guide to betting on hockey online.

The National Hockey League might only be the fourth most popular sport in North America, but that’s no mean feat when you’re talking about such a huge market. The average NHL team generates close to 70% as many Google searches as the average NBA team – a shortfall no greater than the one separating basketball from that great paragon of American culture, baseball. In Canada, hockey inspires a similar religiosity, generating almost as many dollars and devotees as it does south of the border.

This won’t surprise anyone who’s caught a live feed, or stayed up until stupid o’clock to watch sporadic coverage on Channel 5...

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2015 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Betting Odds

New Jersey Devils Logo

It’s still only been a couple months since the LA Kings defeated the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals, but there has been a lot of action in the NHL since then.  The NHL Draft kicked things off with some new young faces going to each NHL franchise, with some of these players likely to make an immediate impact.  The Draft and the rest of the summer also featured some big name trades and high profile UFA’s changing teams.  Overall the league has gone through the majority of it’s summer shake up and we now have the information to start making predictions for the season.

The biggest prediction is of course which team will win the Stanley Cup.  I’ve taken a screenshot of the Bodog Sportsbook’s Cup Winner odds so you can get a picture of how the bookies stack up the teams...

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NHL Draft Predictions 2014

NHL Draft 2014

The 2014 NHL Draft takes place this coming Friday and Saturday, with the first round taking place Friday evening and the remaining rounds finishing up on Saturday in Philadelphia.  The NHL Draft is always a very interesting couple days, not just because of the new faces that are entering the NHL, but also because all of the NHL’s General Managers are in the same place and this will surely result in plenty of deals.  Here are some of my predictions for this coming Friday and Saturday, which you can catch on TSN!

Prediction #1 – Aaron Ekblad Goes #1

This isn’t a very bold prediction as most experts mock drafts have Ekblad going #1.  The three I just looked at from each have Ekblad being taken first overall...

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Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Chances

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014

The Canadiens put the fourth nail in the coffin of Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning last night.  It really was a dominant series where the Habs truly did look like the better team and it is hard to argue that they didn’t deserve to win any of those games. Carey Price didn’t even have to be extraordinary posting only a .904 save percentage, but a solid 2.33 GAA.  Don’t get me wrong Price did everything that was expected of him and played extremely well apart from maybe a few goals in the first game of the series, but he wasn’t called upon a ton, which bodes well for the Habs moving forward. Habs fans shouldn’t be getting too excited just yet though.  The Lightning aren’t one of the elite in the Eastern Conference and every series from here on in will be much more difficult.


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